Tooth-Colored Fillings

Get fillings that keep your teeth looking like teeth in Eagan, MN

Tooth-Colored Fillings in Eagan

What are tooth colored fillings?

At Wood Park Dental, we are great advocates of using tooth colored fillings for cavities because they make a very big difference when it comes to making the patients teeth looking better. Traditional silver fillings were once highly regarded for their strength, but recent advancements in dental technology have proven that tooth colored fillings are more structurally compatible with the composition of the teeth, more aesthetically pleasing to look at, and better reassembles the look and feel of natural teeth, making them the leading choice for filling material.

What tooth colored fillings are being used by dentists today?

Now, more than ever, dentists are using porcelain and composite resin as the primary material for tooth fillings. These substances are fundamentally made out of resin and glass in a mixture of that is able to resemble the composition of natural teeth very closely and making them ideal materials for filling or reshaping teeth.

What are the advantages of using tooth colored fillings?

The composite resin composition gives the patient a more natural look while also providing as much strength and durability as metal fillings. In fact, they have been proven to be able to provide sufficient support to tooth structure to help prevent further damage due to breakage, and also to provide insulation from the temperature changes inside the mouth. Their biggest advantage yet is their close resemblance to the appearance of natural teeth, making them ideal materials for rebuilding tooth structure, especially in locations where the restoration will be most visible.

What are the different types of tooth colored fillings?

  • Direct fillings make use of smaller amounts of the composite resin. This will be applied in multiple layers inside cavity and cured with intra-oral light for instant setting
  • Indirect fillings are intended for larger and more complex restorations. Typically, there is no longer enough natural tooth structure to support the filling, making it necessary to restore the tooth with an inlay, onlay or dental crown.

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